Spotted: Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam

Spotted: Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam

CVS: $9.99

Only had a few colors available.
Walmart: $7.97 . Dont know how many shades are available. It is listed in their local ad.

Garnier is in my opinion the best hair color on the market. It gives you great results and doesnt damage your hair.

Now FOAM has come to Garnier. John Freida has it also, but its pricey ($13.00).

Let me know what you think.



  1. Can you please review any foundation from NYC. Im also a nc25 and i want to know that you think that the NYC brand

  2. I am using the Nourishing Color Foam right now in blue-black. I am in the process of dying my hair as I type. I want to let you know I have very sensitive skin so I may be in the minority but OMG OWWWW! I have used Garnier Fructis dyes forever and I've never had it hurt this bad. Cross your fingers my hair is okay!! I also found that the foam was actually more difficult to apply. I dyed my arm in three places, my neck and my chest. I now could pass for a smurf... Over all, I am not pleased :( Hopefully the color is pretty enough for it to be worth it.

  3. Yes, i will review a NYC foundation. Usually, they are all pink so i dont even bother, but i will try and find one that is similar to NC25, if not i will state that too :)

    Really?? it hurt that bad? Stinging? My hair is very very stubborn...its blue0-black naturally, so it takes color very hard. I tried the Gariner Nutrisse colors that are red for dark hair...didnt do anything to my hair. I also tried their hi-lift color in Reddish Brown. It DID lighten it and i have red in my hair, but not as much as I wanted. Im switching to Loreal Preference's hi-lift color in light golden brown. its beautiful!


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