bareMinerals 8-piece Customizable Get Started Kit: Golden Medium

UPDATE 11/22/11:
bareMinerals stinks!!! I hate it. Now I know why I didn’t like it and it’s not just because I looked pink even though the "expert" matched me "correctly." It’s because doesn’t matter how much product I put into my lid, which brush I get regardless of price, I cannot get any coverage. And the funny part is, I hardly have any scars anymore, yet I am STILL having trouble concealing them. This makeup is a joke.

Furthermore, I was matched with Golden Medium which I thought was a little dark for me. Another person I know also got matched with Golden Medium and she is a NC/C40! How does that work? bareMinerals for ya!

When I told the Sephora girl that the bareMinerals counter girl told me that Light is actually a cool toned/neutral shade (meaning it has pink in it), she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Light is actually yellow toned. 

The Sephora girl experimented: She put Golden Medium on one side of my face (using her $40 brush) and put Light on the other side. 
  • The side I had Light on, looked pink.
  • The side I had Golden Medium on, looked good, but it was a shade too dark. She said it looked okay. I believed her...
  • I still had NO COVERAGE!
Girls! Forget bareMinerals. There are soo many other mineral makeup brands out on the market that are better and cheaper, with more selection.

I recently bought some sample shades from Everyday Minerals (click to read post). 

Product: bareMinerals 8-piece Customizable Get Started Kit: Golden Medium
Shade: Golden Medium
Price: $61 for original $63 for the Matte. I got the Matte.
Kit includes: 
  • SPF 15 Foundation in Original or Matte (size: large) 
  • 1 Original Mineral Veil (size: medium)
  • 1 Warmth All-Over Face Color (size: medium)
  • 1 Full Flawless Face Brush
  • 1 Flawless Application Face Brush
  • 1 Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
  • 1 Get Started DVD
  • Exclusive Bonus: Well-Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo 
My thoughts: When i first used bareMinerals about 4 years ago, I was matched with Light.I looked perfect. I was so happy that i found a color that matched my abnormally yellow skin tone, wasn't that expensive, and covered everything up. However, when i came home and the few months after, i was soo fed up with bareMinerals. Why? I could never have my makeup look like the way the girl at the bareMinerals counter did it for me. My face looked red/pink and was 2-4 shades darker than my neck. Their technique was never taught to me and therefore i couldn't get it. I thought to myself, "im a smart girl. How hard can tap,swirl, buff be?" Its hard when you do know what exactly buffing is.

I found out today, from the very nice and helpful bareMinerals counter young lady, that light actually has pink in it. it is more neutral; not warm toned. No wonder i couldn't get my makeup to look like the girl did 4years ago. Light wasnt yellow enough. Wow. You think after spending over $100 they would tell you this. 

BareMinerals Golden shades are fairly new; less than 2years old. They are for people like us, with nothing but yellow undertones. Medium Golden looked dark in the container, but it is a perfect match for my NC25 skin tone. Plus, i am kind of sick of MAC's "going to the club" look even when i lightly dust my studio fix powderon my face. And, it has like no staying power at all! Thank God!

FYI: I learned today, buffing means to kinda grind it into your skin. make it a part of you so it wont go anywhere. 



  1. Have you ever tried applying it wet? You get more coverage that way. I just mist my face with water then I buff it in with my flat top kabuki and add more as necessary...


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