Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool vs Clarisonic

Product: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool
Price: $39.00
My thoughts: This is similar to the Olay version. It is NOT comparable to Nutrasonic (which i have) or the Clarisonic (i also had). Why? The Olay and the Sigma version have a Rotating brush head...that is NOT the same as the oscillating brush heads of the nutrasonic or the clarisonic. You will not get the same results, b/c they are not the same. 

See my reviews of the various ones on the market here:

Bottom line: Do NOT use the Sigma or the Olay, if you want results. These are NOT the same as the Nutra Sonic, Pretika and the Clarisonic, due to their difference in mechanism.


The key is OSCILLATION...not rotation.


  1. Hi there! thanks a lot for the review, just one question, do you know where can I get this baby in a site with international shipping?? I'm from Europe (Spain), and it seems only avaiable for the States so please if you're aware of some web with international shipping let me know, thanks in advance xxx

  2. First of all, thank you for visiting and reading my blog.

    Secondly, are you asking about the Sigma? I do not recommend that at all. You will not achieve the results that you desire when compared to the Clarisonic. I have the Nutra Sonic, which i think is better than the Clarisonic (which i also owned), and much cheaper ($50.00 vs $200.00).

    You can check out my posts about the Nutra Sonic here(, and can buy it from here (|7155&prev=hp!7155).


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