A comment was made by an Anonymous poster, which stated, "It's kind of hard to believe your review when I have no idea of your credentials. You live with your mother? This gives me the indication that you are young and probably have no idea what the hell you are talking about. I was hoping to read about differences that actually mattered and might hold up this essentially evident lack of a review you have written. How long did you use each of these before you came to the conclusion of the Clarisonic to be better? Figure out how to do decent research and give some actual proper evidence as to why the Clarisonic (that your mother probably bought you) is better other than.. 'I can feel a difference.' "

I didn’t know that living your parents devalued one's opinions.

Also, what credentials do I have??? The fact that I test out every product long enough to get a real feeling of it and how it performs so my readers don’t have to waste their time and find out later on that it doesn’t work are in of its self enough to post a review about it.

This makes me believe that you are a new follower yourself. I do encourage constructive criticism and am always asking my readers to make comments on how my blog could be better and what do they want me to review. I am never judgmental, biased in my reviews. I am straightforward and tell it like it is. I hate sugar coating. I also do not get compensation for the products I review. I buy them with my own money and review them at my own discretion and stated in my Disclosure. 

What I do not like and will not tolerate is for people like the aforementioned "anonymous" who have no clue what they are talking about and mouthing of about my "credentials" and de-valuing my reviews because I live with my parents?! Your words just said a whole lot about yourself! I didn’t know I had to have a PhD in cosmetics to review stuff. 

There will be no more anonymous posts allowed and all comments will be moderated from henceforth, because of an immature and irrational person. Say thank you to him or her for not allowing anonymous posts.

To my other readers who know what I am all about...I am sorry and I thank you for your support.



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