mark Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation

Product: mark Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation

Price: $12.00

Shade: Buff

Coverage: Medium to Full

My thoughts: This is yet another "dupe" for MAC Studiofix Powder Foundation.

mark makeup is deigined for all undertones, in that there arent shades specific for yellow or pink undertones. Here is what i mean. When i called mark's hotline and asked them which shades are yellow undertoned, she said anyone can use any shade and it will work. They only have to dertermine how light or dark they are.

So if a shade is light enough, but seems pink, yet you are yellow, accoridng to mark, you can still buy that and it will work.

My verdict? Not the case!

This shade looks yellow, but it DOES have pink in it, slightly. I tired very hard to get you a true representation of the shades AND to try and show the pink in the mark.

I put on my face and i look orangey/reddish, regardless of the amount. I thought it was light, but was mark.

It would have been a perfect match if the shade was actually made for yellow undertones and undertones or any undertones (I am still questioning that concept and trying to figure out how exactly that would work).

Coverage is great though!

mark also doesnt settle into my laugh lines as does Mac.

Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the reviews. I almost bought this product after reading other raves about it since I'm looking for an alternative to studio fix powder. Like you, I have yellow undertones and even Mac isn't yellow enough for me but I do love the coverage. Hopefully, I'll find one close to my skin shade very soon. Again, thanks for your time in posting this review. It was very helpful and you prevented me from buying the wrong color makeup.

  2. Oh goodness...mac isnt yellow ENOUGH!? IS your shade NC25 also? Goodness, i thought i was yellow. lol. Yea mark is weird. How can you NOT make two different types of shades for two different skin tones. It doesnt adjust. you look like your sunburned.

  3. Yes, I'm NC25 in studio fix liquid and NC 30 in the powder foundation. The only thing I use different from you is I use NC 30/35 for the concealer shade. My neck is more yellow and lighter than my face so it's always a challenge to find the right shade in other cosmetic brands. I think the reason I use a darker shade of concealer is b/c my acne scars are brownish/redish so I find the darker shades help hide it better. But yeah, too bad the Mark powder isn't yellow enough for us b/c I hear it's just as good, if not better than Mac powder foundation.


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