E.L.F Pressed Powder

Product: E.L.F Pressed Powder

Price: $3.00

Shade: Sand

Coverage: Medium to Full

My thoughts: This is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Studiofix Powder Foundation. Thank God right? It does have the medium to full coverage like MAC's, but you might have to use a little bit more product.

The thing is the most weird is that Sand, is the second to the light shade, right after Porcelain. When i bought it, i was excited to see it i had a good dose of yellow in there...but, looks can be deceiving. Sand is NOT yellow based...it is actually pink based. So, in MAC lingo it is for light skinned NW girls, rather than NC girls. In non-MAC lingo, it is made for cool tones NOT warm tones.

I tried very hard to try and capture the pinkish tone in the powder. It is slightly visible. Sorry i couldn't get a better picture. I tried 20 times with different light settings and this was the best.

I didn't notice it was pink undertoned, until i put it on and when i looked in the mirror, my face was darker and had a redness to it than my neck. I thought it was just the lighting, until my mom also made a note of it. When i swatched it, it was immediately noticeable. Sometimes you can't notice the true shade when its in the container or already applied, until you just make a simple swatch.

I did research and for us NC25 girls, porcelain is the best choice, which is on order. Ill do a review once it comes.

Thank you!


  1. I can't wait to read your reviews on the porcelain shade. I hope it's a match. Love this blog. I'm so glad I found you here. Love your reviews and honesty you put into them. We appreciate all your hard work in keeping us informed. LOL, this will be my one stop for everything on makeup.

  2. As soon as i get the products, i will do a swatch at least so you can compare the shades :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot. You guys are great.

    Just keep commenting and i will keep posting.

    Also, please provide any suggestions or improvements.

    A lot of blog sites have a bunch of high end stuff. Im sorry i dont want to spend $40 on a foundation or $35 on eyeshadow, even if i can if i wanted. Thats why i tend to focus on drug store brands. That way everyone can afford it and find their shade.

  3. That's the reason I found your blog. I was trying to find cheaper alternatives for Mac since they are the most yellow based makeup I can find. Thank you for always being on the lookout for us NC 25 girls. I'll be stalking your blog everyday from now on...ahahaha....

  4. why are the swatches green?

  5. they arent green...they look perfectly fine to me.


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