Update: BEWARE of Pretika!!!!

After using The Pretika System for two days now, twice a day...one thing is very evident...
If only the darn brush was softer it would be PERFECT!

I seriously had high hopes for this product and didnt care about the people saying that the brush was too harsh and abrasive. I just thought they had really sensitive skin....but, they are RIGHT. Th brush is soooo rough, you dont want to use the brush anymore. My sister became red from it. It is seriously like rubbing sand paper on your face.

Pretika is sending me their softer trial brush, but I'm shipping this piece of junk back!


I Just bought the Nutra Sonic 2-Speed Travel Companion with Skin Polish from hsn.com for $50.00 including shipping. Here is more information about the product.

It is actually supposed to be better than the Clarisonic. The Clarisonic oscillates at 300 times per second, whereas the Nutra Sonic oscillates at 400.

Shout out to the person who posted about their Nutra Sonic!


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