Pretika vs Clarisonic


Initial Impressions: Well, I finally got my Pretika today. I like how the Pretika brand includes an extra Facial brush, unlike the Clarisonic. It does not come with its own cleanser, which is fine, since I use my own anyway. It also comes with a charging station with outlet.

Comparable to Clarisonic? YES! It does the same exact thing for a fraction of the cost! I got mine for $32.50 off Amazon.

Similarities: I love it how this is actually a real dupe. IF you have read my other posts, you know that what others might consider a dupe (such as the Olay being a Dupe for the Clarisonic) is not what I consider a Dupe, because, in my case, in order to be a dupe, everything has to be similar except the price. After all, that is why you want to buy the dupe…instead of the original because it’s cheaper right? (Side note: Olay is NOT a Dupe of Clarisonic. See my post for a detailed look).

The similarities between the Pretika and the Clarisonic are listed below:
  • The mechanism is the same. They both oscillate
  • Both are waterproof
  • Both clean just as well as therefore will provide you with the same benefits
  • Chargeable
Differences: The Pretika is actually a dupe of the Classic Clarisonic (the ones that is $200), NOT the Mia, which is what I have. For those of you that don’t know, here the differences between the  Mia and the Classic….

The MIA:
  • Is smaller, less bulky and easier to carry around
  • The timer shuts off at 1 minute. There are no intervals in between.
  • There is only one speed
The Classic:
  • Bigger, bulky, has a charging dock/station that might be a nuisance to carry around everywhere.
  • Two speeds
  • It beeps every 20 seconds to tell you to go to the next portion of your face (forehead, cheek, chin, etc).
The Pretika beeps at 20 second intervals too, which is somewhat nice.

The Brush: I have heard a LOT about the brush. I will tell you this; it’s not the same as the Clarisonic in several ways, such as…
  • The Pretika brush is bigger than the Clarisonic. Remember, the outer rim of the Clarisonic, is stationary and only the inner brushes move. Including the outer portion of the brush, the Pretika is still fairly bigger.
  • The Pretika Brush is a little on the rough side, but nothing too dramatic. I still use it on the normal speed. If that is too harsh for your skin, you can go for the lower speed, unless you have very sensitive skin, then go for the Mia.
Final Thoughts:  I have  a MIA and honestly, I think I am going to return it. The Pretika is its exact copy but under a different brand yes, the brushes are a little different, but that doesn’t bother me. Between $150+ and $33 it’s a no brainer! 

Worth it? YES!

I hope you all found this helpful.

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  1. Awesome review!
    Do you know if Pretika is a cruelty free company? Thanks!


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