Nutra Sonic 2-Speed Travel Companion vs Clarisonic MIA

Okay everyone, I just got my Nutra Sonic today. Took forever!

And i have to say...WAAAY better than the Pretika and VERY much a dupe for the MIA if not better.

What Comes with it: 
  • Nutra Sonic Travel-Sized Handheld Unit with Universal Charging Base 
  • Brush for Sensitive Skin 
  • Brush for Normal Skin
  • 1 oz. Skin Polish Microdermabrasion Creme 
  • Travel bag 
Price: $44.95 with Free Shipping (Original Price on website $49.95 - $5.00 coupon code = $44.95 []).

My thoughts: The sensitive skin speed is comparable to the speed of the Mia. The normal skin is much faster than the oscillates 400 times per second comparable to the Clarisonic's 300 times per second (regardless of the size, Mia, Classic or Pro).

It is definitely a GREAT substitute. The brush is soft, not hard like Pretika's which was unbearable on the skin. The only thing is that since the entire brush moves (which to me is a plus) opposed to only the inner brush moving in the Mia, you might get some water spray especially on the Normal Skin setting, but whatever...its a deeper clean and stronger exfoliation than the Mia.

Normal Brush: This the brush that is blue in the middle, as seen in the picture below. It is MUCH better than Pretika's Brush which resembles sandpaper when put on the skin. Its fine on the low setting, but MIGHT be slightly bothersome for those with sensitive skin, on the high setting. I dont have sensitive skin and tired this brush on both settings...they were fine, but the high setting was a little bit too much for me, but it didnt make me red, unlike the Pretika. Shouldnt be a problem though. Not as soft as the Clarisonic's but very close.

Sensitive Skin Brush: This brush is soft! Just like the Clarisonic brush. I used it on both high and low speed and it was wonderful...not bothersome at all, regardless of setting.

Now, you might be thinking that if i use the sensitive brush, my face wont get the results that you would achieve with the normal brush, due to the softness, etc. That not true! My face is glowing as we speak when i used the sensitive brush and it was glowing yesterday when i used the normal.

The Nutra Sonic head is bigger than the Clarisonic Mia's when you are only considering the brush that actually moves.

Bottom Line: If you want the Mia but dont want to pay the $150+tax, stop researching for "dupes" and get the Nutra Sonic 2 speed travel Companion. Here is the link.

Please comment especially if you have a Nutra Sonic. Thank you guys :)


  1. I just purchased one because of what you said and I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you!

  2. Are you still loving the Nutrasonic? I have a Clarisonic Plus and adore it. But I am wanting to get my daughter one and am thinking the Nutrasonic will be a great one for her to start out with. What do you think?? = )

  3. Kelli: I LOVE it! I returned my Clarisonic a month ago and love this! The second speed on the Nutrasonic is actually higher than the Clarisonic, so its a deeper clean! Return your Clarisonic and buy your daughter and yourself a Nutrasonic. The replacement heads are cheaper too!

  4. I'd love to buy it but I am in Italy and it seems like the only way I could get it is ebay and the high shipping would make it even more expensive than some MIA I found there :(


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