The BEST Brushes! MUST BUY!

Okay everyone,
this post will be about the best brushes I have and they arent even expensive!

First: E.L.F Studio Powder Brush ($3.00)
I have had this brush for over a year and it is amazing! It hasnt shed at all..not one hair has fallen out nor has it ever bled. It is just like i bought it today.

I use this to put on my pressed powder foundation (MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder). It does a fantastic job of giving great coverage (full if needed).

You cannot go wrong. It is also very soft!

Second E.L.F. Studio Kabuki Face Brush ($5.00, but got it for $3.99 at Ross)
I bought this brush last week and I love it!

It is super soft! Softer than bareMineral brushes, which are known for their softness, but also for their shedding). Didnt shed or bleed at all.

I use this to put on my E.L.F. HD Powder.

Third: EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush ($8.00-$10.00, but got it for $3.00 at Big Lots)
I bought this brush about a year ago and i love it!

It is super soft and hasnt shed or bleed since i bought it.

I use this to bust on my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation over my Boots no7 Lifting and Firming Liquid Foundation and used to use this brush with my E.L.F. HD Powder before i got the ELF Kabuki.

Fourth: Studio Tools Large Foundation Brush ($7.00 at Target)

This is the best foundation brush ever! Its huge, soft but firm to give you good coverage.
Better than the high end brushes out there that are twice its price and even more!
It hasnt bled or shed since i bought it a year ago.


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