bareMinerals Foundation SPF 15

Product: bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF 15

Description as stated on Website: Our ORIGINAL SPF 15 Foundation gives you all the flawless coverage you want with a naturally luminous finish that won't clump or cake. It's clinically proven to improve the appearance of your skin over time. The creamy minerals diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles without drying out your skin. Its silky, soft texture looks like a powder, but feels like a cream and buffs on beautifully. Made with only the purest, highest quality ingredients. It's makeup so pure you can sleep in it.

Real Results

  • 98% of women said this foundation leaves skin soft, smooth, and younger looking*
  • 90% of women saw improvements in their skin's appearance with continued use*
  • 93% of women said this foundation makes skin look more radiant*
*Based on an independent consumer study

Coverage: Buildable (Sheer to Full)

Price: $25.00

Shade: Light

My Thoughts: I hate this foundation! Why? Here we go... I went to the Bare Essentials counter in Macys. The girl who matched me did a fantastic job and i was so happy that i found a shade that matched. I also had a lot of acne scars, which were covered up flawlessly. I was so happy. I had makeup on, but you couldnt tell. Yay! I loved it so much i bought their Full Flawless Face Brush ($28) and Mineral Veil ($19).

So far so good right? Not so much.

I tried 100x, literally, to try and get the coverage and the look of not wearing any makeup, yet still covering up my scars, like the girl had did for me at home...but i couldnt get it. I was soo frustrated I went back to the Bare essentials counter. Told her my problem, she told me to show her how i do my makeup..said i was doing everything fine and dont know why it wasnt working. By not working meant, my face was darker than my neck...I didnt even put that much on, because i didnt want my face to get even more scars werent even covered yet! I went home after she showed me the technique again...still no luck.

I got fed up and went to Sephora. They admitted that the technique has to be perfect in order to achieve the results I desire and they had tobe trained for weeks to  make sure they applied it correctly and there were still people that didnt get it. Again, i showed her how i apply my makeup...she did it on the other side...same story...scars still showing through, hardly any makeup, yet face is much darker than neck. She changed shades too, but we determined this was the perfect shade and couldnt figure out WHY the BE girl put it on perfect, but neither the other BE employee, Sephora Employee or I could duplicate her results.

After one month of looking like a clown, i returned EVERYTHING. Makeup shouldn't be THIS hard to put on.


  1. Yeah, I am not so fond of BE. Looooooong time ago I tried it out. Gave me a weird shiny effect on my skin. Not cute. I can't bring myself to try the brand out again!

  2. Do you wear light shade for nc25?

  3. Hi, great review but could you please post pictures of yourself wearing the product(s) next time? Thnx

  4. Ok, always always always buy a concealer when there's more scarring to cover up. I'll admit that BM can be hard to use but it's much better if you have the concealer. I use "Light" in the foundation as well and the concealer shade I have is "Summer Bisque". Worlds like a charm and I've even gotten compliments on my skin! Try it before you knock it.


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