Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation (Combination/Oily Skin)

Product: Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin

Description as stated on Website: ColorStay™ Makeup with SoftFlex™ provides lightweight comfort, so you feel like you’re not wearing makeup. Looks fresh for up to 16 hours.

Coverage: Medium to Full coverage

Price: $10-15 (depending on where you buy it and where you live)

Shade: Buff, Sand Beige, Golden Beige

My thoughts: I have read so many reviews about this foundation! So, why am I doing yet another review, you ask? Well, its for my NC25 ladies of course! Sadly, there isnt a shade in this line that matches an NC25. Some of you that are NC25 but not as yellow, but with neutral undertones might be lucky and can get away with it, but for those who are truly NC25...I'm sorry ladies...I feel your pain.
Its very cakey and hard to blend. You WILL look like you have makeup on...even if you dont slather it on. It has been said that Revlon Colorstay is a dupe of MAC studiofix fluid. What do I say? Its close...but StudioFix is much more bendable and has an abundant of colors for the yellow-toned ladies. Coverage is about the same for both. Would i buy it again? No.
Compared to NC25: Couldn't find a shade that matched me well enough. Buff was too light, but had the yellow undertones (comparable to NC20). Sand beige seemed to have neutral undertones, which would look weird on my face and Golden Beige which is supposed to match every Asian or person that have prominent yellow undertones, would have been perfect except...its too dark (comparable to NC30-35).


  1. I was going to give this foundation another try since the last shade I got looked horrible, but since there just isn't a match for NC25, I guess I won't!!

  2. I literally bought every single yellow toned shade i could find...None of them match. Thought I'd save you all the trouble. It may work if you are NC25 or NC20, but with less prominent yellow tones...more like a neutral. Then Buff might work, since its slightly yellow toned, but not a lot. I'm glad you stopped by :)

  3. I found your blog because I'm having a head-desk moment trying to get Revlon Colorstay to not look like I used blush in my finishing powder. I already tried two and was about to go back to see if I can make buff work, but it looked so sickly in the store. It doesn't help that I'm coming off of a light summer tan, but I guess these oxidize and really change a bit too.

    This is also making me feel the need to know my MAC color for certain as well. I presume I'm NC25 as MUFE HD 120 is perfect for me and allegedly they match, but I don't know for certain and mac associations are such standards.

    Thanks for providing me some insight!

  4. Thank you!

    Yes, Colorstay does not match with us NC25 girls. They are either too pink, too dark, too light, or not enough yellow.

  5. Colorstay rocks when it comes to coverage and staying power BUT colors are no match for NC25 and oxidizes waaay too much. What is better, Almay or Boots?

  6. Have you ever tried Revlon-age defying foundation? I bought it online,as unfortunnately I cant´find revlon where I live. the shade I got is 2-bare buff, and it matches my nc25-20 skin very well. Based on my research, I think that Maybe this is one of those (very common) cases of different lines, within the same brand and collor number, having different collors. please try this foundation if you can, It´s such a great match for me. I would love to have your opinion.

  7. I have NC25 skin as well, and I don't know if this will help anyone, but I got Sand Beige in Revlon Colourstay and yes, it is a bit more neutral but I topped it off with the Revlon Photoready powder in light/medium and my skin looked flawless. I have a really big spot on my cheek at the moment as well and scarring from previous acne but it covered everything and competely matched my neck area. Hope that helps =)

  8. I wish I had read this post before I, too, bought every single shade around our skin tone and found that none matched my nc25 skin tone.

  9. Hi, Thank you for you blog! I wish I had read this before, so I would not be stucked with the revlon CS shades, but just want to share that I got Maybelline Super Stay in classic beige and I'm happy with it, blende well and really last all day. hope it help some one:-)


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