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Facial/Microdermabrasion Brushes Comparison Chart

Click picture to see full size.
I hope this chart helps you all. I have individually reviewed most of them. The links are in the chart.  The important thing to notice is the mechanism. Clarisonic became famous due to the results people were achieving, as a result of its mechanism, oscillation. Clarisonic is the HG. However, it is very pricey. NutraSonic is an excellent alternative. That’s the one I have and it is wonderful. I couldn’t be happier. It actually cleans better than the Clarisonic Mia, because it’s a 2 speed, not a one speed.

Applying Mineral Makeup Wet aka Foiled

Hello everyone,

I was looking online and came across this YouTube Video by Kitcat 627 . She applies her Everyday Minerals Foundation foiled or wet, using a mixing medium as per Enkore (watch here). Basically its 1 part Glycerin to 3 parts purified water.

She states that by applying your EDM Foiled, it gives you better coverage, while using less makeup than you would if you applied it dry.

Maybe I was doing it wrong or something but I didnt get the results i was expecting with it.

I noticed that my makeup came off faster than when I apply it drythe color was darker on my face, even when its dry, its a perfect match (this should NOT happen)Because of those two main points, i dont apply it foiled or wet anymore. I just apply it dry.
Anyone have any comments? Why didnt the color match? Thank you! 
PS: I will be posting lists of beauty products in order very soon. I have a BUNCH of those lists. Stay tuned :)

Facial Brushes aka Clarisonic, Nutra Sonic, etc

Hey everyone,

I have been getting a lot of comments on my blog posts on the various facial brushes I reviewed (Clarisonic, Pretika, Oil of Olay, Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool and Nutra Sonic) and they are actually my post popular posts, as well.

To make it easier for everyone, I am in the process of making a chart that will compare all of them side by side. Things that will be included, that I think are important in comparing the various types of facial brushes as well as potentially investing in one are price and mechanism (rotate, oscillation).

Stay Tuned.

It should be up within a few days.

Everyday Minerals Foundation Swatches

Hello Everyone,

I got my Everyday Minerals order in and i am so happy to let you all know that....


I love Everyday Minerals! It is soo much better than BareMinerals.

You dont need to be a makeup artist to get the flawless look,which was deemed "easy by the other brand (yea right!).

You do not need to buy only THEIR brand of products for it to work right.

It will not make you broke!

Perfect Shade:
The perfect match for NC25 skintone is Light Olive.

Detailed Description:
Warm Undertones are for those with a yellow or peachy complexion. Your skin tans well and usually does not burn. If you look at the underside of your arm, your veins may have a slight greenish tint if you can even see them at all (from EDM Website).

Light: Light is very light. Its about NC15 maybe NC20. On the website it says light is, "For light to medium complexions with golden undertones." Definitely not medium skintones. Its for Fair to …

Everyday Minerals

After I got so fed up with bareMinerals, I did research and fund this company, Everyday Minerals.

They are only available online, which kind of makes it difficult for some, but nonetheless I think its worth it.

Unlike the other mineral makeup brands out there, it is a one size fits all type of thing. There is one formulation which is supposed to work for all skin types and is buildable (meaning you will first start off with a sheer/light coverage and have to use a lot more product to build it up to medium or full coverage).

Comparison between bareMinerals vs Everyday Minerals:

One formulation (recently came out with their Matte line)Coverage is buildable$26.00 for Original$28.00 for Matte8 Grams of Product (Original)6 Grams of Product (Matte)$3.25/gram (Original)$4.67/gram (Matte)Everyday Minerals:

4 formulations: Semi Matte, Matte, It, Original GloDifferent coverage depending on formula$12.00 (all formulas)5.5 Grams of Product (all formulas)$2.18/gram

I ordered the f…

bareMinerals 8-piece Customizable Get Started Kit: Golden Medium

UPDATE 11/22/11: bareMinerals stinks!!! I hate it. Now I know why I didn’t like it and it’s not just because I looked pink even though the "expert" matched me "correctly." It’s because doesn’t matter how much product I put into my lid, which brush I get regardless of price, I cannot get any coverage. And the funny part is, I hardly have any scars anymore, yet I am STILL having trouble concealing them. This makeup is a joke.
Furthermore, I was matched with Golden Medium which I thought was a little dark for me. Another person I know also got matched with Golden Medium and she is a NC/C40! How does that work? bareMinerals for ya!
When I told the Sephora girl that the bareMinerals counter girl told me that Light is actually a cool toned/neutral shade (meaning it has pink in it), she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Light is actually yellow toned. 
The Sephora girl experimented: She put Golden Medium on one side of my face (using her $40 brush) and put …

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes

Product: L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes
Shade: Blackest Black
Price: $7.99 at Target.
Description as stated on Website:  Discover a breakthrough in fiber mascara technology. Voluminous False Fiber Lashes™ features a unique blend of long and short nylon and rayon fibers—the same material used to make false lashes—to deliver lashes that appear fuller, longer, curled and sculpted. No clumps or messy results. Just outrageous volume from every angle. ·Dual-length fiber formula ·Exclusive polymer adheres fiber to lashes ·Botanical waxes prevent hardening, crumbling or flaking ·Precision brush ensures optimal application ·Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers My thoughts: This is my HG mascara! I LOVE this thing. It actually does what it states. My lashes are normal (normal length and normal volume). I heard many people say that they love this mascara except if you try to put on more than one coat, it starts looking clumpy and flakes. As Beauty Broadcast puts it, "less is mo…

Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter

Sorry Bloggers for the delay! 

Thank you for being patient. I am not that busy anymore, so expect more reviews/swatches to come.

Product: Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner 
 $1.84 at Target (14.5 oz.)
Comparable to: Salon proven to moisturize as well as Aveda Dry Remedy (6.7 fl oz, $24.00)
Description as stated on website:
Moisturizing shampoo is infused with 100% natural almond and shea butter, which are known for their rich emollients. It replenishes as it cleanses leaving your hair well-nourished and beautiful.
Moisturizing conditioner infused with 100% natural almond and shea butter, which are known for their rich emollients. It replenishes and leaves your hair well-nourished and beautiful.
My thoughts:
  I like this a lot. I have been using Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for about 2 years now. Its good, but its pricey ($5.00 depending on where you buy it). I also use the Masque ($6.00) and the Intensive Daily Treatment…

SmartLash as featured on The Doctors

SmartLash is the #1 eyelash enhancing product.

Read the article here.

Watch Video of SmartLash on "The Doctor's" below:

FYI: Cruelty Free Companies and those to avoid

I was recently told that Sally Hansen (owned by Coty) tests their products on the eyes of rabbits. I was shocked!

I did some research and found a list of the companies that are cruelty free and those to avoid and thought I would pass it along.

Click Link for full list: PDF Format
Cruelty Free Companies (Do Not Test on Animals): Abercrombie & Fitch, Almay, Aveda, Bare Essentuals, Bath & Body Works, Conair, ELF Cosmetics, Eco Tools, Jane Cosmetics, LA Colors, MAC, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Victoria's Secret, wet n wild to name a few.
Companies to avoid (Do Test on Animals): Avon, Dove, Estee Lauder, Garnier, Herbal Essences, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Lancome, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Max Factor, Neutrogena, Olay, Pantene, Ponds, Redken, Secret, Shiseido, Suave, Walgreens to name a few.

NOTE: I am not saying whether I approve of animal testing or not. This is just information that I am sharing. Regardless if you buy the products from either category is none of my business.

Upcoming Reviews and/or Swatches!

Hello Beautiful!

Keep your eyes out for the following reviews/swatches, coming soon!
Napoleon Perdis NP Set: Pasarella PowderPixi Flawless Vitamin VeilBoots No7 Intelligent Balance Foundation MousseSeveral Hairdryer reviews.Sorry for the delay guys.

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Physicians Formula Skin Care: Cosmetceutical Solutions

Physician's Formula has launched their own Skin Care line!!!
3 formulas:


Moisture Balance 
Sensitivity and Redness
 Find out what products are right for you, here.

Find out more information, here.

Price: $9.99 to $19.99
Can be found at Walmart

Hard Candy Just Face It - One Step Foundation

Product: Hard Candy Just Face It - One Step Foundation

Fair and Light
Description as stated on website:

·  Flawless skin in a flash
·  Your primer, concealer, foundation and powder finish in one
·  Leaves skin shine-free and natural looking
·  Perfect skin in one step

My thoughts:
 I heard a lot of great things about his foundation, but it’s very limited in shades. There is no shade that really matches NC25. They are either too light or not yellow and yes, you guessed it, pink aka OUR NEMESIS!
The Fair shade is yellow toned but its too light (NC15 or NC20). The Light shade would have been a perfect match for NC25, but it has a pink undertone. 

Urban Decay's NAKED Pallete DUPE: Forever 21 Natural

I found a dupe for Urban Decay's NAKED Palette ($48)

Forever 21's Love and Beauty Natural Palette ($6.50).

Urban Decay: Forever 21 Natural:

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Eyeliner

Product: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Eyeliner 
Price: $6.50
Shade: Midnight Master Description as stated on website:
Created with the highest concentration of pigments for more intense eye drama.
The NEW GENERATION of liner. 
WHY YOU'LL LOVE ITExperience the new generation of liner:            
• Oil-free cream formula holds the highest concentration of pigments for more intense eye drama.
• Smudgeproof and waterproof for 16 hours.
• Most intense line for lasting drama.                                                  
• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested.
• Contact lens safe. My thoughts:  The picture on the package is very deceiving; it makes you think this is the perfect eyeliner to line your water line and get that perfect cat-eye, Arabic eye look. Not the case! This eyeliner sucks! Yes, its dark, a beautiful black, but once the sharpened tip goes away, it very hard to get a thin line, unless you are looking …

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 55

Product: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 55
Price: $8.00-$12.00 Description as stated on website:Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 is a revolutionary, dermatologist-tested formula that contains Helioplex® technology, the latest breakthrough in UV protection.

Helioplex delivers unbeatable UVA protection. It works better to help prevent damaging UVA rays from penetrating deep under skin's surface. Dry-Touch technology absorbs excess sunscreen oils, leaving a clean, lightweight, non-shiny finish.

Serious sun protection never felt this light on your skin.

This product features Helioplex, a breadth of stabilized sunscreen technologies that delivers superior protection from the sun. Waterproof, Sweatproof, PABA-free and Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores.
My thoughts: This is supposed to be the best sunscreen to use with makeup. Claimed to act as a primer for your foundation. My verdict? Yes, it’s good, but it oxidizes on me. I thought it could be my makeup, but when…

Nuance By Salma Hayek Flawless Wear Tinted Moisturizer

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for being so patient!

Here is a swatch of ALL the shades of the TM of the new Salma Hayek Line in CVS.

Closest Match to NC25: Light/Medium

Upcoming Reviews

Hello everyone,

How does everyone like the new layout?

I have some exciting reviews coming up soon.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 55Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Eyeliner Hard Candy Just Face It - One Step FoundationPrestige My Blackest Lashes Intense Black Volume MascaraConair Infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic Cord Reel Hair Dryer (223X)Conair 207P Infinity Tourmaline Ceramic Hair DryerConair 259X Infiniti Pro AC Motor Styling Tool, OrangeAndis 75370 Tourmaline Ionic/Ceramic 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool vs Clarisonic

Product: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool Price: $39.00 My thoughts: This is similar to the Olay version. It is NOT comparable to Nutrasonic (which i have) or the Clarisonic (i also had). Why? The Olay and the Sigma version have a Rotating brush head...that is NOT the same as the oscillating brush heads of the nutrasonic or the clarisonic. You will not get the same results, b/c they are not the same. 

See my reviews of the various ones on the market here: Nutra Sonic 2-Speed Travel Companion vs Clarisonic MIAPretika vs ClarisonicClarisonic Mia vs Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
Bottom line: Do NOT use the Sigma or the Olay, if you want results. These are NOT the same as the Nutra Sonic, Pretika and the Clarisonic, due to their difference in mechanism.

The key is OSCILLATION...not rotation.

E.L.F. Studio Stipple Brush vs MAC 187

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of reviews.
Feedback has been low, which is why I stopped doing reviews for a while, because I don't know what you guys want me to review! haha.


Product: E.L.F. Studio Stipple Brush

Price: $3.00

Description as stated on Website:This new antibacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. Studio brush! 

The layered bristles create a soft airbrushed look that's perfect for applying foundation or adding color definition to cheekbones or highlighting with soft layers. Use this brush with any liquid or powder face product such as foundation, blush or bronzer to build your coverage from sheer to heavy.
My Thoughts: It looks good on the website, but it doesn't really perform well. I used my liquid foundation and tried to apply it using the ELF Stipple brush. It didn't really do the job at all. Not …

MAC 187 Dupes

I know the HG is the MAC 187, but who has $42.00 to spend on a brush?!

Fear not...i have some real dupes for you all.

Dupe #1: E.L.F. Studio Powder Brush ($3.00) (read review here)
The brush is very dense and rigid enough to do the job of a stippling brush and the job of a flat top kabuki brush, that provides full coverage. I love that brush! I have had it for a year; no shedding or bleeding. I just use baby shampoo to wash it. Nothing fancy.

Dupe #2: Professionnel Platinum Stippling Brush #44 ($35.00)
This brush is probably the closest one to the real thing. It is very soft, gets the job done and gives you the airbrush look, which is why everyone is going crazy over stippling brushes. However, it is only a $7.00 difference...but hey, its still $7.00 :)

Dupe #3: Sigma Duo Fibre F50 ($16.00)
I have heard good and bad things about this brush. My overall impression is that it does what the MAC 187 does, at a fraction of the cost, is very soft, dense, not floppy (like the E.L.F Stipple Brush-…

MAC Brushes vs Loew Cornell (Artist) Brushes List

UPDATE 7/19/11: I went to all the arts and crafts stores in my area (Michaels, Beverly's, Joann's, Artell and Aaron Brothers) and NONE of them carry Loew Cornell Brushes. The lady at Aaron Brother's said that its not a brand that artists ask for, which is why I couldnt find it anywhere.

She said to use synthetics brushes, because they will be the ones that will pick up the most product. And of course, to make sure they are soft.

Thought you would all like to know that bit of  detail.

Hello Readers!

I came across something very interesting and thought I would share it to you all.

Everyone wants every single MAC brush, however they are very pricey. I have a solution!

You can use artist brushes as makeup brushes.

Here is a comparison that I found here of MAC Brushes to Loew Cornell Brushes. EnKore also does a video of some of these brushes here.

Loew Cornell Brushes are good quality Artist brushe…


A comment was made by an Anonymous poster, which stated, "It's kind of hard to believe your review when I have no idea of your credentials. You live with your mother? This gives me the indication that you are young and probably have no idea what the hell you are talking about. I was hoping to read about differences that actually mattered and might hold up this essentially evident lack of a review you have written. How long did you use each of these before you came to the conclusion of the Clarisonic to be better? Figure out how to do decent research and give some actual proper evidence as to why the Clarisonic (that your mother probably bought you) is better other than.. 'I can feel a difference.' "

I didn’t know that living your parents devalued one's opinions.

Also, what credentials do I have??? The fact that I test out every product long enough to get a real feeling of it and how it performs so my readers don’t have to waste their time and find out later on …

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Urban Decay Naked Pallette

UD Naked Palette is now back in stock at


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